Replacement Windows in Thornton CO

Replacement Windows in Thornton CO, Energy efficient windows help keep a home cool during a summer heat wave.  Yesterday in Thornton Co the temperature reached 103 degrees, guaranteed to be one of many 100 degree plus days this summer in Thornton and many summers to come.  In a volatile climate like Thornton with cold winters and hot summers energy efficient windows are pertinent to cut down on energy cost and will pay for themselves before you know it.

Replacement Windows in Thornton CO, Older windows allow a lot of warm summer air into a house and make air conditioners less effective by allowing the cooled air to escape.  The seals in older windows allow for air leeks and this can really add up to a lot of unwanted airflow and fuel loss with the average home having 20 to 35 windows.Fortunately, modern energy efficient windows have undergone some incredible technological (in manufacturing) and chemical (in the compounds in the glass) changes over the years.  Most windows are now multiple layered, with special coverings or coatings that have been infused into the glass to deflect sunlight and UV rays without losing the clear, clean view of the outside world. Chemical compounds, in the form of clear and non-fogging gases, now rest between the panes for added insulation.

Modern windows thus provide a great deal more insulation than their previous counterparts, and the addition of dual- and tri-pane glass structure allows for air ventilation when windows are open and complete blockage when closed. In addition, heat travels easily through glass, even sealed glass. That’s why the window has additional glass panes, which insulate further and reduce that energy loss to practically nothing. Also, the sun is a great source of light and heat when you want it; in the winter, you want as much of it coming through the glass as possible. However, you want to reflect it back out during a searing heat wave. That’s what insulated glass accomplishes for you.

If you live in Thornton or any of Kraftwork Design’s service areas of Colorado and Nebraska and are interested in saving money with energy efficient windows please contact Kraftwork Design today!  Kraftwork Design has many different options and styles to choose from.