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They were very professional and our windows are fabulous. What a difference it makes in the house. Thank you for a job well done.

Marilyn B.

Replacement Windows Denver

Replacing the windows of your home is a worthwhile investment and your home certainly deserves the best. To protect your investment, you need both high-quality windows and professional installation for your window replacement project.

We are always ready to provide our clients with the best service and installation for replacement windows in Denver and surrounding areas.

Old windows ruin the overall value and charm of your home and increase your monthly electric bill! You don’t have to settle for outdated and inefficient windows. It’s time to retire those dated windows and update your home with some beautiful new energy-efficient windows from Kraftwork Design.

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replacement windows Denver

If You’re Here, It Might Be Time To Replace Your Windows 🙂

Ready to update Your Home with The Best Energy-Efficient Windows in Denver?

You have invested a lot into your home, stop devaluing it with old, outdated windows and unnecessarily high energy bills. It’s time to give it the attention that it deserves with beautiful new windows. 

Whether you’re looking to update the style of your home or simply looking to enjoy savings on your future energy bills, we have you covered. You can always expect top-quality customer service, products, and installation from our team at Kraftwork Design. 

Let’s get some beautiful new, energy-efficient replacement windows added to your home. Our team is ready to get to work on your replacement window project. Call us today or click on the button for your free estimate.

Available Window Styles

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Double-hung windows

Double-hung windows are typically the most common type of window for every part of your home. These windows provide an up and down ventilation level that helps to maximize the airflow in your home. These double hung windows can also provide an artistic look due to the sash that can be tilted. This feature also offers the benefit of easy cleaning. 

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Casement Windows

One of the best characteristics of a casement window is the ability to tackle vulnerability to moisture. Casement windows have hinges that open vertically and are perfect for your moisture-prone rooms. This window is considered the most thermally efficient type of window as well as of the easiest to open. A casement window can give your home and space both an aesthetic appeal and greater view from the outside due to its 90 degrees hinges.

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Slider Windows

In order to fully enjoy the outside view, sliding replacement windows Denver could be your next best choice after picture windows. Sliding windows provide a full view from the outside while also offering horizontal hinges that you can open easily to let air flow into your room. These windows are perfect for a thermal room. These sliding windows offer high durability and are also one of the window types that have the lowest amount of maintenance.

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Picture Windows

To thoroughly enjoy the outside beauty of Denver, the best option for your home would be a picture window. One of the main and obvious reasons why it’s named a picture window is because it frames a beautiful spot or view outside your home. But picture windows also provide strong security due to their sealed shuts. Due to their large reaching structure, up to ceiling heights, picture windows also allow a lot of light to enter a room. These are a must have for homes with a picturesque view.  

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Geometric Windows

Geometric replacement windows are very popular for both their aesthetic appeal and their great performance. Geometric windows offer a variety of different shapes including: half-round, quarter-round, circle, trapezoid, or a custom configuration to give your home distinct character. Geometric windows can also be combined with different types of glass windows in order to maximize their efficiency and value to allow light and airflow inside your home. If you are looking for a low-maintenance window for your next replacement, then a geometric window may be a good fit for your window replacement.   

anlin garden window

Garden Windows

Garden windows are often viewed as both charming and relaxing. The interesting architectural design of garden windows are a perfect match for displaying your plants and other special items. These energy-efficient windows are also loved for their primary purpose: to maximize sun exposure, especially in the darker months. 

anlin bay bow window

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows consist of a combination of three or more windows. These can include styles such as: double-hung, picture windows, and casement windows. Both Bay and Bow windows are very popular due to their ability to allow in more light than their traditional single, flat window counterpart. The Bay and Bow windows can also add an artistic appearance to your room. Bay and Bow windows provide a fit finishing making your floor look larger. These beautiful replacement windows could notably improve the curb appeal of your home. 

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Awning Windows

Awning windows are like casement windows in that they allow maximum airflow. This type of window could be your top choice if you are looking for strong protection for any type of weather, especially stormy and windy climates. Awnings could be placed in any part of your home as they can be perfectly blended at the top of doors, other windows, or even in the shower.  

Choose Kraftwork Design – Your source for the Best Denver Replacement Windows

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Licensed & Insured

Experienced, licensed and insured for your comfort.

Kraftwork Design uses only the highest quality windows to achieve great esthetics and longevity for your window replacement investment. Our experienced installation team has been installing replacement windows in Denver for over 30 years. We are skilled and passionate about our work and always true to our company values.

When choosing a company to handle your window installation, you need a team that you can rely on to provide quality service in a timely manner. You can depend on our team, from our sales department to our installers, to provide top-notch service during your entire replacement project. We understand that your time is valuable. We will show up on the scheduled day and work hard to get your window replacement project completed both quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality.

We understand that you don’t want to let just anyone into your home. Our team of professionals will never compromise the safety of you, your family, or your home. Our team is responsible and courteous, with customer satisfaction being our core focus. We always offer fair pricing, and our energy-efficient replacement windows are also backed by a full lifetime guarantee.

Your home is a large investment. Proper replacement window installation is imperative for the continued protection of that investment. You can rest assured that each member of our installation team is properly trained to handle every aspect of the window upgrade process. They will take the utmost care of your property every step of the way.

Licensed and insured
We provide a seamless installation process from start to finish, while also offering our customers hassle-free guarantees for both the product and our installation. Our goal is for every one of our valued customers to be left completely satisfied with their end result. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you increase the value of your home while also lowering your electric bills. It will be our pleasure to help with your window replacement project.   

We love our Customers!

“Both James and the installation team were professional, curious, understood my needs, and worked within my budget.”​

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Amy P.

Once I find a contractor like James Saylor & Kraftwork Design, I never look elsewhere. I recommend you save yourself considerable time and call James at Kraftwork Design.”​

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Lewis K.

“Kraftwork Design was incredible to work with from beginning to end. James came out and helped me make the best decision about windows for my home.”​

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Karen D.

Replacement Window Construction

Improving the comfort and energy use of a building are the primary factors in deciding to replace windows. Carefully consider your climate, budget, and availability, maintenance, and style of window. You should also check for durability, quality, and warranties. Check the local building department’s requirements regarding egress, safety glass, and window grade before buying. The purchase of the right windows can go far in turning a drafty home into a comfortable and more energy-efficient one.

Window Frames
For very old windows the frame and glazing had almost the same R-value (about R-1). Modern glass technology has improved the insulating performance (R-value) of the glazing itself (Typically R-3 to 8). What the frame of the window is made of has come to dominate how well the window performs overall. Modern window frames are constructed from a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl, and composites such as fiberglass and epoxy resin. Each material has advantages and disadvantages.

Metal window frames are ideal for openings that require lightweight and strength. However, all metals are very good conductors of heat (R values hundreds of times less than 1). Even metal-framed windows with plastic “Thermal breaks” (a plastic strip that separates the exterior side of the frame from the room side) only improve the R-value slightly. There are no metal-framed windows currently available that are comparable in thermal performance to any of the other choices in window frames. Also, unless protected by special finishes, metal frames can oxidize (rust).

Wooden window frames are better insulating than metal frames (about R-1.4 per inch of thickness) and help to prevent cold-weather condensation problems inside the house. However wood does require maintenance (i.e. painting). If they aren’t protected from moisture, they can stick, crack, and rot.

Aluminum-clad and Vinyl-clad Wood
Some manufacturers protect their wood frames by wrapping them with vinyl or aluminum. This helps keep wood window maintenance low. However, if the cladding should come loose and expose the wood to water, it can still rot. The thermal performance is about the same as an ordinary wood frame.

Vinyl frames are primarily made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Some manufacturers fill the hollow parts of the frame with foam or fiberglass insulation. Data shows that the difference in performance between filled and hollow vinyl frames is small.

Vinyl windows are available in many styles and are generally considered low maintenance and they never need painting. However, the ultraviolet (UV) light can fade colors other than white and cause yellowing and “crazing” in cheaper construction-grade windows that are mixed with recycled plastic rather than pure “virgin vinyl”.
Pure vinyl frames are resistant to warping, shrinking, and rotting. Pure vinyl window frames are also quite strong and durable and can hold a large expanse of glass.

Frame Construction
Some windows are divided into small sections of glazing or “divided lights”. A divided light window is a considerably less energy efficient than other types because of the large number of glazing edges. However, modern multi-pane windows are often whole sheets of glass with optional plastic or wood grilles that attach to the glazing to give the appearance of a divided light window.

The insulation value of a double-pane or triple-pane window is primarily a product of the air space between the panes of glass. Spacers separate the panes at the edges. Until recently, most edge spacers were made of metal, which means the edge of the window has little or no insulating value. Many manufacturers now use improved edge seals with much better thermal performance.

Metal and vinyl frame corners may be welded or screwed together. Either one is acceptable. However, welding a corner can often distort the weather-stripping groove. Always check how well the weather-stripping meets at the corners. There must be no gaps. Wood frames are often “finger-joined” and glued to make a strong corner.

Window frames are rated A, B, or C according to their performance in an American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) “aging” test that involves exposure to UV light, moisture, and extreme temperatures. “A” rated windows are the best performers.

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The Window Replacement Process

Book a call with our team for a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your project. A licensed team member will visit your area to check what needs to be done for your unique windows. This includes further inspections and measurements of your windows.

We will provide an estimate for the most energy-efficient replacement windows for your Denver Home. Once the bid is accepted, our team will arrive to install your replacement windows at the agreed-upon day and time. 

No Obligation Estimate

If you are looking for window installation services in Denver that will bring your vision to life, then Kraftwork Design would love to help! Our team of experts is devoted to helping you design a window solution that not only suits your budget but also meets your unique design needs.

With decades of experience, we will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the end result. Get your free quote today!

A company owner – not a pushy salesperson – will visit your home and provide you with a straightforward quote. If you already have your measurements, we can even give you an estimate over the phone.

We appreciate you visiting our website and look forward to speaking to you!

Your Denver Home improvement Specialists

FAQ – Replacement Windows

How do I prepare my home for replacement windows?

We are very grateful if you remove curtains, blinds, or other window treatments. Security sensors should be taken down and turned off by the security company. The installation specialist should be able to see the window from the outside, and any wall decorations that are near the window’s location during installation.

Do windows usually get installed from the outside or inside?

Most windows that we replace are done from the outside. Your expert will inspect your unique situation and recommend the best process to fit your home.

What happens to my windows during this process?

We will then remove any old windows from your property and dispose of them properly after installing the replacement windows. You can request to keep your old windows by notifying the crew upon arrival.

How do you install replacement windows?

First, the glass and other working parts of the windows must be removed. The wooden frame holding the window will be left in place. Minor repairs can be made to strengthen the frame in preparation for replacement. The replacement window is installed by nailing it into place. To ensure weather resistance, the exterior casing will be formed and placed.

How often should residential windows need to be replaced?

Window replacement is a good idea for homeowners with windows older than 25 years. This will allow you to get the most out of your home’s energy efficiency, and protect your house’s “Envelope”. These are issues that require immediate attention.

It’s true that replacement windows can recoup some of their costs when they are sold?

Yes! It is a smart investment in your home. You can expect to get back almost $9,000 if you sell mid-range replacement windows that cost around $10,000. It is possible to see that this is a better return rate than bathroom remodels and upscale kitchen remodeling. It is important to remember that almost no home renovation will recover 100% of its original cost. However, 90% is a great rate to absorb.

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Kraftwork Design did a great job on replacing my hail damaged siding. Very professionally done and looks it. No high pressure sales or repeated call backs.

Barry B.


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