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Energy-efficient Double-Hung Windows

If you are looking to update your home, a great place to start is with new windows. Double-hung windows not only look good, but they offer practical benefits too, like easy cleaning and multiple ventilation options.

Double-hung windows are an excellent choice and work in any house of any style. They remain a popular choice for replacement because they offer more functionality. This style has two sashes that can be opened in various ways—one at the top and one on the bottom.

Kraftwork Design offers double-hung window replacement services in Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas. We will not only make your windows look great – but will also save you time and money!

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features & benefits

Double-hung windows are perfect for nearly any space in your home and offer a lot of benefits. They provide excellent ventilation, safety, and versatility. if you’re in the market, you should consider replacing your existing windows with vinyl double-hung windows.

Double-hung windows are definitely the way to go when it comes to cleaning your home’s windows. These easily tilted window sashes make house-cleaning a breeze, and you can clean both sides without needing ladders or other supplies. Keeping your windows looking brand new has never been easier!

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Why Double-Hung Windows?

With double-hung windows, you can have a sense of security knowing that the interior locks will keep your home safe.

These exterior latches are staggered on each window and allow for ventilation while preventing the top or bottom sash from being opened too much.

Ventilation latches allow for some airflow while still maintaining security in case someone tries to force open the top or bottom half of one sash more than another.

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Operation & Installation

Double-hung windows are great sources of ventilation in the home. The upper and lower sashes can be operated to allow for more air circulation throughout the house, which prevents a build-up of heat or cold air from staying inside.

Double-hung windows are an excellent choice for Denver homeowners looking to improve the value of their property. Double-hungs give you peace of mind and easy access while simultaneously improving your security.

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Double-Hung Windows – FAQ

Double-hung windows make it easy to install screens and air conditioners. They can hold AC units safely and allow for easy removal.

Double-hung windows might not seal at the top edges as well, which can lead to higher energy bills. You can find high-quality windows that are energy-efficient in single- or double-hung versions. However, you might have to pay more for a better-quality double-hung window.

Double-hanging windows require more maintenance and wear because they have a more complicated mechanism than sliding windows. Double windows are more costly than sliding ones, even though they require less maintenance.

The number of sashes that can move is what makes single-hung windows different from double-hung ones. A single-hung window has one fixed or non-operable sash and one operable or moveable sash. A double-hung window features two operable or moveable sashes.

Older or less well-made double-hung windows can have lower sashes that don’t stay in place. This could lead to heated or cooled air leaving your home. Double-hung windows offer greater energy efficiency but are often more costly than single-hung ones.

Double-hung windows offer the best combination of both horizontal and vertical movement. They can be as wide as 24 inches, and horizontally up to 48 inches. They can range in height from 36 to 72, with heights ranging from 44 to 52 inches, 54 inches, 54 inches, and 62 inches.