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They helped me replace my roof after the hailstorm this past spring. They were professional, fast, and got most of the details right. I would hire them again.


Bay and bow Windows

A bow or bay window is an architectural feature that provides natural light from two sides while also offering views outside, primarily through the front. There are typically three bays in a traditional design. A more modern take will have four or five bows/bays.

A bay window is an excellent option for those who want to make their home more than just an indoor space. The added light and fresh air will help you feel less confined, making the room look much larger.

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Bay and bow Windows

features & benefits

Bay and bow windows consist of a combination of three or more windows. These can include styles such as: double-hung, picture windows, and casement windows.

Both Bay and Bow windows are very popular due to their ability to allow in more light than their traditional single, flat window counterpart. Bay and Bow windows can also add an artistic appearance to your room.

Bay and Bow windows provide a fit finishing making your floor look larger. These beautiful windows could notably improve the curb appeal of your home, while also providing security and protection from the outdoor elements.

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Why Choose a Bay or Bow Window?

Bow and Bay windows are the perfect solution for those who want a durable, yet cost-effective window. Vinyl bay and bow designs are made to last with their low maintenance features that come in handy all year round when trying to keep the heating and cooling bills to a minimum.

Kraftwork Design offers industry-leading warranties as well – giving you the peace of mind that your investment in your window replacement project is protected. If something is wrong, we will make it right!

bay and bow windows denver

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“Basically at every step James and the company were informative, kind, professional, and easy to deal with. We’d definitely use them again and can highly recommend them!”​

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“Quick response for a quote and a very quick turnaround time. James was very responsive and the team finished the roof in one day between several weather events.  Recommend them highly.”​

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“Kraftwork was fair and honest with no pressure. James, the owner, checked all the work, and he was involved in the project–he didn’t disappear.”​

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bow window

Operation & Installation

The bay and bow windows are made up of many smaller segments that operate separately to create a specific look for your home’s exterior.

Typically you can choose between three different window types to design a bow window: casement, double-hung and picture. These choices will have an effect on what kind space it creates inside your house depending upon which types are chosen.

Customize your replacement bay and bow windows to fit the requirements of your home remodeling project with a variety of sizes and hardware finishes. Choose from exterior colors that complement your design, as well as several interior options.

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Bay and Bow Windows Questions

What’s the purpose of bay windows, you ask?

Bay window is a window that forms the exterior expression of an area within a structure. A bay in this context refers to an interior recess created by the projection of a wall. A bay window allows more light to pass through than a window that is flush with the wall.

Are bay and bow windows obsolete?

Bay windows can be used for many purposes. While some people view them as outdated and traditional, we believe they have many benefits that make them worthwhile.

Why are bay windows so costly?

It should not surprise you that bow windows and bay windows can be more costly than traditional slider or double-hung windows. These windows are large and require extra care during installation. A Bay Window is a large window that can cost around $1500, depending on its size.

Are bay and bow windows worth the extra value?

Bay windows can add value to a home by increasing its value and providing more sunlight. They also allow for increased ventilation and airflow. To make sure that the bay window is installed correctly, it is important to hire a professional.

Do bay windows let in more light?

Bay windows let more natural light in your interior spaces, as more windows equal more light. Bay windows can have side windows that open up to let cool air in.

What is a bow window?

Actually, the word actually derives its name from an old French word, ‘baee’ which means opening or hole. Bay windows can be a combination of three to five windows that angle beyond the exterior wall. They are either square, hexagonal, or octagonal. This creates a compartment because they extend beyond the exterior wall.

What’s the difference between bay or bow windows?

Bay windows also have a picture window in the middle and two windows on either side. Bow windows use the same type of window in every section and the entire structure is rounded. Bay windows are characterized by their hard-angled sections.

Is a bow window a good candidate for a roof?

Bow windows are usually hidden under an overhanging roof. Bow windows, like bay windows, are installed most commonly in living and dining rooms to capture the best views and maximum natural light.

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The people at Kraftwork were not pushy but helpful and honest. I never felt like there were hidden costs or surprises. I had a million questions that they were happy to answer. As corny as it sounds, they cared about these windows and my requests as if they were working on their own home.

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