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Super happy with James’ work. He did a great job fixing my sliding glass door and even vacuumed up afterwards. Will definitely hire him again.

Amber T.

Available Options for Siding Replacement

So, you’re thinking about some type of permanent solution to eliminate painting? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Kraftwork Design offers our customers a variety of affordable vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, and LP Smartside siding to name a few.

We highly suggest a visit to your home to help give you a better idea of what types of siding materials would best suit your particular needs.

Vinyl siding is the number #1 most used siding in the nation today. Many people prefer affordable vinyl siding materials over other siding materials because it can be relatively inexpensive, doesn’t require painting, is very low maintenance, and typically comes with a 50-year warranty.

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For homeowners who want beautiful and lasting siding for their homes, fiber cement siding offers an excellent solution that will increase the value of their homes and add years to their life. There are many options when it comes to siding. Whatever choice you make, we strongly encourage you to spend a little upfront time with us to ensure that you pick the right product for you. You’ll be glad you did.

Contact us today at 720-837-2113 to learn more about our siding options and pricing. We’ve sided hundreds of homes in Colorado – let us put our expertise and experience to work on your home’s siding replacement. Call today!

We love our Customers!

“James came out for a quote and fixed our windows the same day! He was very nice and professional. I will definitely call on him again.”​

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Angelina H.

“I had hail damage and Kraftwork provided very professional estimates. They are fair and approved by the insurance company. James is a very nice guy to work with.”​

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Kevin F.

“They were utmost professional, experienced and well-mannered. It was the best opinion to hire their roof repair services.  Five stars rating!!”​

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Alison D.

Vinyl Siding

types of siding

Vinyl siding comes in horizontal (lap), vertical, shingle/shake siding & soffits material types. Many other options are available. Vinyl siding is a relatively new addition to the residential construction field, having been introduced to the world in the early 1950s. It is a versatile and relatively inexpensive way to give your home a facelift and is also fairly maintenance-free.

For years, it was thought of as a poor choice for homes in temperate climates, but this idea has changed in recent years. With new technology and products on the market, now is a great time to invest in vinyl siding and give your home a facelift. But just like every other type of construction, vinyl siding demands professional installation for a quality finish.

The experts at Kraftwork Design are fully equipped to give your home the facelift it deserves with our exceptional vinyl siding installation services. Delivered by our skilled and experienced professionals, our vinyl siding installation will provide you with a high-quality finish that will not only last for years to come but will also look great and complement your home. So what are you waiting for? Give your home the facelift it deserves with our exceptional vinyl siding installation services.

Fiber Cement Siding

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Siding is the finishing touch of any building and is designed to protect the building from the elements, enhance its aesthetics, and provide a more comfortable environment for its inhabitants. When it comes to the most durable, longest-lasting, and cost-effective siding material available, fiber cement siding is hard to beat. This versatile and long-lasting material offers beauty, durability, and a smooth surface that is resistant to fading, rotting, peeling, and fading — things that can happen to siding surprisingly quickly.

Installing fiber cement siding is not as simple as it may seem. If you’re thinking about investing in this siding material for your home, you’ll need professional help from siding contractors who are experienced in this material and can ensure that your siding project is a success.

Kraftwork Design is your trusted new siding contractor in Denver and brings you unparalleled expertise in fiber cement siding installation. With our years of experience in this material, we can ensure that your fiber cement sidings blend seamlessly with your home’s architectural design and last for years to come.

Engineered wood siding

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LP Smartside is the green choice when it comes to siding materials, and it is backed by a 50-year limited warranty. LP products are treated with engineered wood substrates, available as a strand substrate or fiber substrate. LP Smartside offers enhanced strength and durability, that cuts out the time spent dealing with warped and split pieces when properly stored and applied. LP Smartside products weigh less, offer protection against termites and fungal decay, resist breakage during handling and make installation more efficient. LP Smartside products all come either pre-primed and ready to paint or are available in a finish.

Engineered wood siding has taken the market by storm, largely because of its ability to mimic the look and feel of traditional wood siding while boasting many benefits of its own. Capable of transforming even the most ordinary of homes into charming retreats with its distinctive and sophisticated look, this versatile siding has definitely proven its worth.

However, despite the undeniable advantages that come with these types of siding, engineered wood siding demands specialized attention and skillful hands to ensure that it will not only last for years to come but also look great and complement your home. As such, it is crucial to take advantage of professional engineered wood siding installation services.

When you’re in need of professional, reliable, and committed siding installation services in Denver, Kraftwork Design is your trusted partner. We’ll bring our decades of experience and promise to deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to give your home the makeover it so desperately deserves!

Vinyl, Cement or LP Siding Quote

If you are in need of replacement siding in Denver that can deliver value and exceptional craftsmanship without breaking the bank, then Kraftwork Design is your best choice.

We guarantee that we will meet or exceed your expectations, bringing you high-quality service at an affordable price. Call us today at 720-837-2113 to discuss your replacement door needs.

A company owner – not a pushy salesperson – will visit your home and provide you with a straightforward quote. If you already have your measurements, we can even give you an estimate over the phone.

We appreciate you visiting our website and look forward to speaking to you!

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Types of Siding-Questions

Which is the best way to side a house at the lowest price?

Vinyl siding is affordable and ranks among the most cost-effective ways to side your house. Vinyl siding is popular with homeowners who love its look. Vinyl siding’s appearance is changing with technological advances in texture and colorfastness. It can be painted if you wish.

Vinyl siding can last for how many years?

Vinyl siding is durable. It can last up to 60 years depending on how durable the materials are and how experienced the contractor who installed it. Vinyl siding can last longer with minimal maintenance.

What is the difference between Hardie board and siding?

HardiePlank has a thicker texture than vinyl types of siding. HardiePlank is thicker than vinyl siding, which allows for deeper embossing. It looks more like real wood than vinyl siding. Fiber-cement siding is uniform in its embossing, so it can be easily mistaken for real wood.

Does Hardie board siding need painting?

What is Hardie plank? Hardie Plank, a composite material made from concrete substrates, is a recent innovation. Hardie Plank can also be called fiber cement siding. It is heavier than vinyl, aluminum, and wood but it is very durable. You usually only need to paint it every ten to 20 years.

Are engineered wood sidings cheaper than real wood?

Engineered wood can be more affordable to buy and maintain than traditional wood siding.

What is engineered wood siding?

SmartSide, Catawba, or TruWood are all engineered wood siding products that claim to be superior to real-wood alternatives. These products can be installed and maintained at a low cost, with minimal flaws and resistance to deterioration.

Is engineered wood siding susceptible to rot?

Engineered wood siding can be used as an alternative to real wood siding. Engineered wood can be just as vulnerable to moisture damage as real wood. This means that it can become brittle and weak over time in areas that receive heavy rains and homes without a rainscreen.

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Highly, Highly recommendable. If anyone is looking for expert siding contractors in Colorado who can do their siding work in a quick manner, then call them. Never ever let down your expectations. Professional, excellent workmanship and courteous.

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