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Your roof is the most important part of your home, so you need to make sure it is taken care of by a qualified roofing company. It is a vital component of the integrity and safety of all other parts of your home. Your roof is the first line of defense against Colorado’s potential extreme weather conditions – keeping it protected, comfortable and hopefully enhancing your curb appeal in the process.

Kraftwork Design’s experienced roofing contractors have been working on Denver area roof replacements for decades. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality roofing products and services. We offer a variety of options so you can find what best suits your needs and budget.

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Kraftwork Design provides great roof replacement and window installations. James will make sure his team understands what your needs are. Thank you guys!Curtis Z.

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The Best Denver Roofing Contractors

You want an expertly installed roof replacement that is on time and on budget. Kraftwork Design uses the best materials and installation crews in Colorado – and our customer service will amaze you! We guarantee our work so that we will always be there for any issues, no matter how big or small they might seem. Our customers come first. Quality roofs do more than maintain property values – they protect families and give you peace of mind that your investment will last for years to come.

Whatever needs may be, Kraftwork Design is a local roofing company you can trust to get the job done right and on time. If you are looking for the best Denver roofing contractors, give us a call at 720-837-2113 for a free estimate. We offer competitive pricing and unmatched customer service.

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“We called a Kraftwork and compared products over the phone with them. We picked out the right ones, discussed financing, and closed the project smoothly.”​​
David X.
5 star rating
5 star rating
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5 star rating
“These guys did a siding, deck, and window project for my rental property and the price was good without compromising quality. I will probably be having them do more work for one of my homes in the near future.”​
Rebecca L.
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5 star rating
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5 star rating
“But working with Mr. Saylor at Kraftwork design made me question my dislike for hiring contractors. He was efficient, professional, and reachable.”​
Joshua P.

What you should ask before hiring Denver roofing contractors?

How long have they been providing their services to their clients?

Are they licensed and insured to work in your state?

What kind of materials do they use when repairing and installing a roof?

Do they directly hire their workers or do they sublet the job out to another company?

What safety measures do they take to ensure no one is injured on the job?

How will they protect your property while working on your roof?

Do they have photos of past work they have completed for you to see?

You want to ask for references of past clients that you can check with to learn how satisfied they were with the work the contractor did on their home or business.

Will there be a worker that will be on the site for you to speak with while your roof is being worked on?

Do they offer a written estimate of the work that needs to be completed before you decide to hire them?

It is important to ask if they provide a guarantee on the work that they do.

Lastly, you want to ask if the warranty is transferrable if you select to sell your home or business in the near future.

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Still Looking For Denver Roofing Company?

The roof of a building whether residential or commercial plays a vital role in being the first line of defense against the elements such as rain, snow, and the heat from the sun. If a building did not have a roof, the elements would seep into the building causing deterioration and decay to the structure.

It is important for the owner to provide regular maintenance and repairs to the roof of any building that they own. Denver roofing contractors can provide the services required to keep the roof in top condition to help protect the building and the contents that it contains.

Whether you own a home or a business, it is one of the largest investments a person will make during their life. It is significant to have a quality roof on the building to help protect the integrity of the structure. You do not want to hire just anyone to do the job for you, a reliable company such as Kraftwork Design can offer you the affordable and quality work that you are looking for.

“They helped me replace my roof after the hailstorm in 2017. They were professional, fast, and got most of the details right. I would hire them again. 2 years later and everything is holding up great.” Collin

Residential Roofing Estimate

If you are in need of Denver roofing contractors that can deliver value and exceptional craftsmanship without breaking the bank, then Kraftwork Design is your best choice.

We guarantee that we will meet or exceed your expectations, bringing you high-quality service at an affordable price. Call us today at 720-837-2113 to discuss your replacement door needs.

Kraftwork Design is your Denver Home improvement Specialist!

A company owner – not a pushy salesperson – will visit your home and provide you with a straightforward quote. If you already have your measurements, we can even give you an estimate over the phone.

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Denver Roofing Contractors : FAQ

Two of the most important variables in a job like this are the square footage of the home (and therefore your roof) and the type of roofing material that you choose.

Asking your neighbors and Homeowner Associations (HOA) for recommendations on a roofing contractor is the first step to hiring one. Check the requirements for roofing contractors in your state, as well as directories and reviews. Call two to three local roofing contractors for consultations.

Asphalt and tile are the most popular roofing materials. They can be made with concrete, clay, or oil. Asphalt shingles can become more expensive due to rising oil prices. In recent years, it has become more expensive to dispose of old or damaged materials.

You should replace your roof as soon as it begins to leak or becomes damaged. Reputable Denver roofing contractors will recommend replacing your roof within 80-85% of its manufacturer’s warranty.

Are the owner’s licensed contractors and are they members in good standing of any trade associations?

What is the average tenure of the company?

Do you have references or referrals from past jobs?

Is insurance available for the roofing contractor and the company?

Is the Roofer Going to Remove Your Old Roof?

Do you want the roofer to install a drip or a metal edge? \

What number of nails will the roofer use per shingle?

Do you think your roofer will reuse old flashings or install new ones?

Is Your Roofer Going to Use Steel in the Valleys, or Weave the Shingles?