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Looking for Denver Window Treatments?

Shutters, shades, or blinds; making the right decision can be a very overwhelming task. With the right knowledge of the three you will be ready to make that decision confidently. First and foremost, let’s begin with what makes the three different. Sure, they all get the job done but what makes them different and how do you decide which window treatment is right for each room. Shutters are designed for privacy and to control the desired amount light that enters the room whether it be a lot or non-at all. In addition to durability and privacy shutters come in a myriad of styles that are a costume fit to your windows. Unlike shutters, shades are regarded as the most affordable and are quite stylish as well. As well as shutters, shades come in many different styles and colors. There are even solar shades that block the sun without entirely blocking the view. Even woven shades that allow small amounts of light to seep in to the room while still providing exceptional privacy. Last but not least, blinds, with horizontal and vertical slats being the distinctive feature blinds come in an array of shapes and styles. There are many different materials that come associated with blinds, having a wide pricing range. Blinds are available in many styles to complement the home’s overall décor.

Now that we have learned the basic difference between shutters, shades and blinds, you need to ask yourself how much money do you want to spend? How much lighting and privacy do you want in a room? Knowing the difference between three as well as knowing how much money, light and privacy you want will help with the overwhelming decision making between shutters, shades, and blinds. The Kraft Design Family takes pride in helping our customers make a decision that will bring a smile to your face daily.

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