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Can I just get a quote from you over the phone?
General quotes can sometimes be provided, but the best and truest estimate can only be offered with an in-home consultation. This is the best way that material and design considerations can be accounted for, and the estimated phone price can vary. Once our sales representative has presented the best options for window coverings, you can then move forward with a project price.

Will I lose my view that I love if I put shutters on my windows?
No! You can still attain an approximate 90% view with the lauvers open, and a 100% view with the panels open. If you go with larger lauvers, you will have even more of a view, because of further spacing.

For Treatments, can you match what I already have in my home?
The general rule of thumb is that it is usually around 9 times out of 10 that we can. More often than not, we will be able to show you a plan and layout that is very similar to what you already have, and you may even like it more! If there is a particular brand or manufacturer that you are leaning towards, let us know ahead of time, and we can come to your home fully prepared.

Do your blinds come with strings or plastic sticks that need turning?
You can order the blinds through our company either way. You can order blinds with the wand, which is the feature that opens and closes the blinds’ slats. The pull is what you can use to raise or lower the blind, and is available with the cord through us.

What is a Faux Blind?
A Faux Blind is one that is made from synthetic material rather than wood. They are sometimes hardened foam, a type of plastic, or a PVC material. These blinds are not actually composed of wood, but is much more durable, and easier to clean. These qualities make it ideal for those looking for a cost-effective, low maintenance way to cover windows.

Why should I purchase Custom Window Treatments?
Custom window treatments can give any room a very long-lasting and drastic change in appearance. You will instantly notice the difference immediately upon walking in. These custom treatments will add color and dimension to the upper levels of a room, and will aid in controlling the amount of light let in, and upping the beauty level. There are so many styles, textures, colors, and covering products to choose from that you may have difficulty: our experts can guide you with your choice.

Shadings and Blinds: Some of the advanced types of blinds available have optimum light control, privacy, and designs solutions for your property. You can choose from the most traditional blinds in metals, woods, or other high-tech materials, to more contemporary types, that are dimensional and more translucent. There are many choices, and it is fairly easy to tailor to your specific needs.

What about windows that may not be exactly symmetrical?
These can be adjusted to fit the final product to accommodate other issues. If one of your windows is not properly squared, Vertical and horizontal blinds may hang crooked, with the result looking a bit unkempt. If the windows are measured precisely by us, you can enjoy a perfect fit, that will make your room beam and provide the ultimate in comfort. Your expert windows consultant can drop in and provide their stellar services with a visit.

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